The Hedra Group



Precise and messy as a vampire’s bite, One Night Strahd (ONS) delivers the spectacle and dread of gothic horror in D&D 5e. ONS remixes Ravenloft into a replayable adventure that can be run in 16 hours, complete with 150+ lush illustrations, 12 full page battlemaps, 45 new monsters & items, and secrets galore.

Duel an archmage. Confront the Godeater Wolf. Slay the Vampire Lord. ONS is what we wanted to play, all of the high notes without compromising on depth or fun. Our goal was an adventure that anyone could run—one that dealt with death, hope, love, and horror.

Short and sweet. Most D&D groups last about 25 hours, based on data from D&D Beyond, but most campaign books to run 50+ hours. There’s a need for shorter experiences, so we made one!

Fully Independent. Curse of Strahd is optional with our free Spell & Items Supplement.